Warhammer online is ordered

In my attempt to find a new MMO i pre-ordered WAR after reading some great reviews on gamespot.com. I heard the game was rubbish but after AoC it cant be much worse really. Im gonna give it a try for the first month and see and unlike AoC i wont be giving it a second month to sort itself out. World of Warcraft will eat these 2 games up and spit ’em out tbh when it arrives. Even though ive quite the game i can see myself going back when WOTLK is out.


I Ordered the game from direct2download.co.uk and the the bloody thing aint working. It says i can download it before launcg date blah blah but i dunno why it aint working.

Computer Upgrade From Hell-Corsair Hx620 PSU Failure

I normally enjoy upgrading my PC when its time to do so but yesterday just about everything seemed to go wrong. After getting all the parts sorted out and connected up to the power supply and turning it on nothing happened. I thought i had the Front panel power switch connected wrong but it i totaly forgot and missed the fact that the Power Supply fan wasnt spinning.

Anway i continued in a state of complete frustration and failed to realised that the PSU fan not running was a big fucking “Neon SIGN” saying “Hey its the PSU”. I took out each part one by one and eventually after everything was out the bloody thing still would start.

So almost in complete agony after 5 hours on my feet wrecked tired and sweating like a fat geek i thought “Fuck, it must be the PSU”. So i tried out one the old “PSU”‘s i had from “PC World” that was the second one form the same manufacturer that “fracked Up”. When is say “Fracked up” i mean that it was plugged in it just went into a kinda “on-state” that you needed to press the “On Button” for it to work and wouldnt shut down properly.

Anyways i knew then it was the Expensive PSU that was the problem.  Today i just went about getting an RMA on the PSU and well it turns out payed a lot for the PSU, way more than i would normally only due to the fact that the last previous 2 ones i had failed. The PSU as i write is 110 Euro but back in march it was 130-160 Euro.  You would think after spending that kinda money that you get better lifespan than that.

Anyway after 5 hours of complete shitness and sweating and having my nextdoor neighbours throw a party while im trying to fix the bastard thing i got the Motherboard and CPU to work. Bloody Ironic how an PC World PSU could help.

Graphics Cards, Crysis and The Evolution of 3d Cards

About a week ago i decided to get a new graphics card for the sake of the game “Crysis” which is visually stunning but needs some serious computer Power to look its best. Its only a year ago since i got my Last graphics card which was a “Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTS 640”. While perfectly fine it was struggling with the Game “Crysis” and “Age of Conan”.

Previous to that Card i had an ATI 1950 XT, ATi x800,Geforce 6600, Nvidia Geforce “something”.

I can remember is the very first 3D Card i bought was a 3DFX Voodoo2 12mb card way back in 1998. It cost me £200 which was a fortune at that time. It took 3 weeks of my summer job to save up for it.  That card was the best there was at the time and was well worth the money 3D graphics card were only taking off around that time. I remember loving the game “G-Police” and “Actua Soccer 2” which came free with it. Many a good time was had with tha graphics card and games.

Nowadays its so different the graphics cards are way more powerful but go out of date so fast due to newer cards being made and huge advances in technology which of course is a good thing but its very hard to keep up. One the things about having a console is the fact that you dont need to upgrade like the PC but of course you dont get the best “looking graphics”. When i play any game on the Xbox360 i cant help but wonder “This would look so much better on the PC”.

I did buy a console for one game and that was Grand Theft Auto 4 and it was well worth it. Rockstar games are making a A PC version for november release which im looking forward to, so i can see how utterly fantastic GTA4 will look on the PC.

Harvey Normans’ Dundalk – Are shit also?

About well 3-4 years ago now i used to pop into Harvey Normans quite alot until the day they sold me a fucked up Mp3 player. It was a creative-Rhomba 256 mb and it cost an arm and a leg at about €200. Anyway one day it decided that it wasnt going to work anymore and i took it back to the “Australian Dudes” in Harvey Normans. I was told that they would sent it back to the manufacturer in 1-2 weeks. They took my details etc. 2 Weeks passed and nothing i rang em up they said 4 weeks.

I waited 6 weeks went down to the store on a saturday and the so called “Manager” said he would sort it out “first thing on monday morning”. I believed him well of course nothing happened, no phone call no update on the situation, nothing.

Then i got really angry id waited 6 weeks and i hadnt recieved 1 genuine response or even the truth about the status of my Mp3 Player. I had got in contact with the “Consumer Association of Ireland” and i explained the situation and was told that i should threaten to take them to small claims court or demand to speak to the manager.

I decided after waiting 6 weeks that id like to sepak to manager of the store above the guy who lied to my face and said he would sort it out on monday morning. After a Phonecall i got to speak to the manager who was an Australian Lady who was very apologetic and offered a new Mp3 Player or my money back. I was amazed at how “Demanding to speak” to somebodies manager could eventually resolve things.

I took a full refund and ive never been in harvey normans since.

DJ Tiesto – Elements of Life, Awesomeness

A few weeks ago i posted on my WoW guilds site in the shoutbox “Paul van Dyke” is God. At the time i was well a bit drunk but in the believe that “PVD” was the best at making “trance music”. Another guild member said “DJ Tiesto” was the best and while in all the years since Paul van Dyk was making great tunes i had refused to even listen to another DJ little did i know what i was missing out on.

I decided 2 weeks ago to see what “DJ Tiesto” tunes i could get and how they sounded and i was just blown away. I got hold of “Dj Tiesto’s” “Elements of Life ” 2007 Album well it was the remix album and it is tottaly amazing its just fantastic.

The songs on this album are just out of this world the “Faithless” remix with “Maxi Jazz” and “dance for life”is just amazing. Every song is just crafted as to blow your mind. Yes im a bit tipsy as i write this but DJ Tiesto is my new Favorite DJ.

I-Tunes – Irish music Madness

Today i went on a downloading spree on I-Tunes (which i hate) and i bought a load of albums. Mainy Irish bands from the 1990s. And it kinda blew me away how much great irish bands there is and was back a few years ago. Bands such as “Something happens”, “The Stunning”,”the Frames”, “Frank and Walters”, “Aslan”,”the Saw doctors”,”Whipping Boy”. Some of their songs id forgotten all about until today.

One of the things that i hate about I-Tunes is;

1) it wont let you preview a song
2) The songs you get are .M4p (Mpeg 4 Protected Files) so you cant uses them on any other device than your I-Pod. (i mean how fucked up is that?)

Ive added some of the great songs by these bands to my video blog site at;

New Graphics Card ATI Radeon 4870 – 3D Mark Scores


Amd 6000 X2 6000
4gig Ram
Ati Radeon 4870
Windows Vista 64

1) Vista 64 – Ati Drivers 8.7 Graphics Quality – Quality

a) 3D Mark 06 – Default Settings 9623

b) 3d Mark Vantage – Default P5461
CPU Score 3831
Graphics Score 6363


a) 3D mark 06 – Default – Balanced 11280

b) 3d Mark Vantage – Default P6518 – Balanced
CPU Score 4483
Graphics Score 7681

2) Vista 32 – Ati Drivers 8.6 Graphics Quality – Quality

3D Mark 06 – Default Settings 10326

3d Mark Vantage – Default P5595
CPU Score 4140
Graphics Score 6338

Best Web Design and Photoshop Tutorial site ever!

I was searching google the other day for some web design tips any thing from Dreamweaver to Adobe Fireworks and of course Photoshop when i found possabily the best site ive ever seen for tutorials on these programs. The tutorials are so fantastic and the things you can do in photoshop and fireworks is just amazing. Im still learning and trying to improve my web design skills in the hope of a job coming up for me.

In fact it has got me interested in doing something i.e Web Design. I love it and its the first time in months that i know what the heck i want to do. CSS is something im going to learn ASAP it seems to be the one thing that can make a good website and its the one “web language” that ive not much idea about. If you any interest in Photshop or Web Design check this site out its amazing.

10 Years since Omagh bomb

I cant believe that its 10 years since the Omagh bomb, i remember that day very well from the news reports and TV coverage. I watched some of the anniversary service on TV today and it was quite a somber moving experience.

Here are some videos to remind us all of the horrific attack.

U2 – All I Want Is You – Omagh Bombing Tribute

A Tribute to the Victims of the Omagh Bomb 1998

MMORPG’s – Greatest Time sink known to gaming?

Well thats weird my post vanished..the Firefox Addon im using didnt post the page or maybe the dark force of Blizzard and Funcom are stopping me..so ill write about something else.

World of WarCrack Addiction:
I was going to say that MMO’s are a complete waste of time which well isnt news but when i was addicted to World Of Warcraft (and yes i said addicted) i played nearly all day everyday well when ever i could. It was the only game i played dispite the fact that i bought new games such as “Crysis, Call of Duty 4,Company of Heroes,World in Conflict” heck i even got an Xbox 360 with GTA 4 and i still kept playing WoW.

Its only in the last 3 months that ive had enough of these MMO’s. I could right a lot about WoW addiction but i dont want to get into that yet.

Ive tried “Age of Conan” and while its quite good in its own way its just not for me it doesnt “hook” me in like WoW has done in the past and thats why its time to quit AoC too. Ive given the game afair chance, got frustrated by the bugs,performance and the Assassin class but its time to cancel the subscription there too.

Vanguard i havnt played much at all , it seems like a huge WoW with a lot of great stuff to it but i cant “get into” it it doesnt hook me in which to be honest im bloody greatfull i dont want to be a “MMO junkie” again.